Cyber Security Panel

Last Wednesday, November 9, the Operations and Information Management Club, in conjunction with the ACM Cyber Security Club, hosted our first Cyber Security Panel. The night was filled with good pizza, good people, and amazing speakers. The panelists were, Bruce Bonsall, an Independent Cyber Security Consultant and IANS Executive Research Faculty, Diedre Diamond, Founder and CEO of CyberSN, and Justing Peavy, Chief Information Security Officer at Wellington Management.  We were lucky enough to have such experienced speakers who were able to educate students on what it was like to be a part of one of the most important industries in today’s day and age.

The panelists discussed everything from the need for more talent in the cyber security field, to the strategies behind cyber war. Panelists also opened up about what it takes to be successful in the industry, reminding students to work on their soft skills to go alongside with their technical skills, as a big aspect of the work revolves around being able to communicate with others. Additionally, they touched upon why cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent in third world countries, claiming that there is a lack of regulation and increased opportunity for individuals in countries where there is no particular authority. Overall, the clubs came together to run a fantastic event and I look forward to attending it next year.

By Matthew Bukobza