What We Do

Our Mission

The Isenberg Operations & Information Club seeks to be an engaging platform for members to learn about the wide variety of careers possible in Operations & Information Management, in addition to connecting members to professional contacts that can assist them through navigating their careers. Furthermore, the club serves as a beacon to inform the campus community of the contribution that the Isenberg Operations & Information Management undergraduate program has to offer. By bringing in professionals, recruiters, and alumni, as well as participating in enriching field trips, case competitions, and certification programs, we prepare our members for the workforce and expose our members to the width of career opportunities not always visible in the academic classroom.

What We’ve Accomplished

  • Created a community where Operations & Information Management students can find like-minded others.
  • Grew to an organization of 350+ members on our mailing list and 100+ members attending our events.
  • Organize a mentorship program, informational sessions on class advice, and other avenues for our membership to connect.
  • Host company tech talks, info sessions, and other recruiting events.
  • Offer various certification programs, such as the Lean Yellow Belt workshop, to supplement OIM coursework.