Who We Are

We are dedicated to building a community of young operations and information professionals at UMass and beyond.

The Isenberg Operations & Information Club seeks to be an engaging platform for members to learn about the wide variety of careers possible in Operations & Information Management, in addition to connecting members to professional contacts that can assist them through navigating their careers.

Furthermore, the club serves as a beacon to inform the campus community of the contribution that the Isenberg Operations & Information Management undergraduate program has to offer. By bringing in professionals, recruiters, and alumni, as well as participating in enriching field trips, case competitions, and certification programs, we prepare our members for the workforce and expose our members to the width of career opportunities not always visible in the academic classroom.

Meet Our Board

Marta Peltier – President
dan griffin

Daniel Griffin – Vice President

Isaac Tarlin – Director

Alanna Loria – Secretary
Kelly Judge – Treasurer
Kate Brandel – Marketing Chair


Nicole Quinn – Community Service Chair


Sky Dedrick – Alumni Relations Chair


Anelise Catto – Fundraising Chair

Gabrielle Hartman – Internal Development Chair Ryan Coulter – Events Chair


Michele Burch – Faculty Advisor

Previous Leadership


Kristen Bonsall ’18 (President), Dan Brickell ’19 (Vice President), Marta Peltier ’19 (Director), Patrick Yetman ’18 (Secretary), Daniel Griffin ’19 (Treasurer), Kelly Judge ’19 (Marketing Chair), Nicole Quinn ’19 (Community Service Chair), Sky Dedrick ’21 (Alumni Relations Chair), Anelise Catto ’19 (Fundraising Chair), Marisa Dickman ’18 (Internal Development Chair), Henry Noke ’19 (Events Chair)


Blake Webler ’17 (President), Keith Mikkelson ’17 (Vice President), Michael Benson ’17 (Director), Kristen Bonsall ’18 (Secretary), Victoria Johnson ’17 (Treasurer), Axel Sepala ’17 (Marketing Chair), Marta Peltier ’19 (Community Service Chair), Owen Roche ’18 (Alumni Relations Chair), Thomas Ferrante ’18 (Fundraising Chair), Zack Tougias ’18 (Internal Development Chair), Jeremy O’Donnell ’17 (Events Chair)


Sydney Smith ’16 (President), Emilio Alvarez ’16 (Vice President), Michelle White ’16 (Secretary), Jonathan Dube ’16 (Treasurer), Lauren Katz ’17 (Marketing Chair), Chris Giler ’17 (Community Service Chair), Owen Roche ’18 (Alumni Relation Chair), Thomas Ferrante ’18 (Fundraising Chair), Blake Webler ’17 (Internal Development Chair), Keith Mikkelson ’17 (Events Chair)