Google Cambridge Tour

By Kelly Judge

On December 1, 2017, the OIM Club had the opportunity to travel to Cambridge, MA and tour Google. Students were able to learn about the exciting work environment that Google has to offer, along with how they keep their employees engaged while relaxed throughout the day.

The Cambridge office is set up to model the T train lines, with each stop having something special to be remembered by. The office is divided into different sections including each colored line. Each colored line has a specific focus of work. Along these colored lines, there were many different “stops” with special rooms that reflected different stops. One of these stops included a miniature Boston Public Library, with private, sound-proof reading rooms for employees who enjoy extreme silence.

The many rooms are able to allow different types of learners to relax in a way that suits them. They had a music room, a room with the latest video games, and a room that had two nap pods, similar to the ones in the movie The Passengers. They even had computers attached to treadmills so that people could move as they worked instead of sitting at a desk.

Google also strives to minimize food waste. In their cafeterias, they had a live data tracker keeping track of how much food has been wasted during that day at that moment in comparison to the live time the day before. Doing this allows employees to see what they are wasting and encourage people to only put what they will eat on their plate.

Visiting Google was an exciting experience for the OIM Club. It was valuable for us to see what large technology companies have to offer in their work spaces. Technology companies such as Google are changing traditional work spaces to make them more inviting and welcoming atmosphere for their employees.